Avery's Partner Program

Does your organization need help supporting its employees or clients through grief? Please fill out our partnership form and together we will determine how best to assist your organization.

    Helping Human Resource Departments Deal With Loss

    It can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to know what to do or say when an employee or client is navigating the death of a loved one. One thing is for certain, it is imperative to acknowledge what has happened. Acknowledgement makes things better even if it can’t make things right.

    At Avery’s Legacy, we understand this because we have been there. We specialize in creating thoughtful and meaningful bereavement gifts that are sure to convey your heartfelt condolences in an unforgettable way.

    “SERIOUSLY. It has taken me a day to respond because I can’t even. I opened my Rhea box yesterday and sobbed. And sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. My heart is so full – I can’t even tell you. Thank YOU SO SO SO MUCH – from the bottom of my heart. I am just so blown away by your heart. Now that I’ve “felt” an Avery box – I know that your work is holy. And that this little girl is serving her greatest purpose – bringing hope and comfort in the darkest days. It was such an incredible gift. And I am so, so, so full of gratitude”. ~ Dr. Jody Carrington

    Helping Funeral Homes make services more special

    As a funeral professional, you walk alongside families during one of the most difficult experiences of life.  Often, the early days of loss are a blur and it is not until later, that the full weight of grief is felt.

    We want to offer a way to ensure that the families you serve remain well supported long after your interaction has come to an end. Our Bereavement Boxes stand apart from the customary sympathy gifts. We are proud to offer a personalized gift that is meaningful, helpful, and supports a healthy grieving and mourning process. Our Bereavement Boxes are available for Funeral Homes and/or families and friends of the deceased to purchase.

    “Avery’s Legacy. It’s all in the name. An everlasting and beautiful legacy that will undoubtedly hold generational value to anyone that receives one of Avery’s bereavement boxes.

    The ways in which this brave mom and dad were able to create something so meaningful is something that resonates deeply with me, considering my roles as a funeral professional and having seen what it is like to walk alongside families who have lost children.

    Beyond their courage, they truly created something that knows how to “show up” for families in the immediate parts of their loss. In all of my experience, I truly am unaware of any other gift or product that has so seamlessly provided support to other families that have had the misfortune of losing a child in the immediate days of their loss”.

    ~ Jeremy Allan, Owner, Gregory’s Funeral Home

    “Avery’s Legacy Bereavement boxes have offered so much care, love and attention for our community. Each item that is picked for these boxes is thoughtful and intentional. The items are ones that our bereaved community hold near and dear to their hearts for years afterward. During an extremely difficult time, one that society doesn’t generally recognize, these boxes make our community know that they are not alone. That their loss matters and their babies are loved.

    Thank you Avery’s Legacy for being a light to our community”.

    ~Your friends at Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre

    Curated Boxes

    Let us do the work for you so you can devote your time to supporting your loved one. Our curated boxes are lovingly made with items that are intended to be meaningful and helpful throughout every stage of grief.

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