You Are Loved. You Are Missed. You Are Remembered.

It Takes A Village

Grieving and mourning is the hardest work there is and we want to walk alongside you. Oftentimes, when someone we love passes away, we fear they will be forgotten. This is one of the reasons a photograph is so precious: it serves as a reminder of our cherished memories.

Add Your Loved Ones To Our Memorial Gallery

Looking at and sharing photos allows us the opportunity to keep our loved ones prominent in our daily lives. Fill out our memorial form to be added to our gallery.

To cancel, please contact us.

    Donate To Support

    Looking to support our village but don’t know a bereaved family?  Even if you don’t know anyone who has suffered loss of a child, you can still help us help others. 

    Sponsored Boxes

    It is our vision to donate a ‘Child Loss Bereavement Box’, free of charge, to newly grieving parents. Your generous support allows us to fulfill our vision of spreading love and kindness in memory of Avery.

    Shop To Support

    Our unique and playful designs are specifically chosen to pay tribute to Avery’s love of Cats and Sharks. When you purchase any of our products you are helping us to further Avery’s Legacy and support bereaved parents.

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