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“In the weeks following my husband’s funeral, I received a gift made by Avery’s Legacy. When I opened the box I was speechless, every item was so thoughtfully chosen and personalized with his name and initials. I cannot find the words to express how much this gift meant to me.”

~ Lyndsey Martin

“I received a very thoughtful box from Avery’s Legacy after the sudden passing of my father. Having my best friend reach out with this beautiful gift was very comforting during one of the most difficult times of my life. I light my candle when I’m missing my dad and I remember all the good times we had together. I can’t thank Avery’s Legacy and my wonderful friend enough for giving me so much comfort as well as helping me honour my dad.”

~ Louise Richards

“Customized bereavement boxes from Avery’s Legacy have helped me extend my condolences to friends and family that have lost a loved one in a simple, accessible and hugely meaningful way.  When I haven’t been able to be there in person, it has meant so much to be able to express how deeply I care for another’s loss and to be able to support them in carrying the memory of their loved one with them forever. “

~ Alanna Knobben

Refer A Family

Do you know of a family who has recently lost a child (neonate to 17 years old) in Alberta Canada ? Please send us a message. It is our vision to donate a ‘Child Loss Bereavement Box’ free of charge to newly grieving parents.

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