Avery's Legacy Bereavement Boxes


When you receive the news of someone suffering a devastating loss…what do you say? What can you do? 

Bereavement gifts can be very tricky, as each person grieves in their own way. We understand, because we have been there. 

When words don’t exist, our boxes are the perfect gift for family and friends to give to show they care. The items included are intended to be meaningful and helpful to our fellow grievers and are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

When you purchase an Avery’s Legacy Box, not only are you gifting kindness to your loved one, but you are also supporting our vision to donate our boxes for FREE to parents who have recently lost a child aged neonate to 17 years in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area. 

Refer a family

Do you know a family who has recently lost a child (neonate to 17 years) in the Calgary, Alberta Canada area? Please send us a message. It is our vision to DONATE a 'Child Loss Bereavement Box' FREE of charge to newly bereaved parents. 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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