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Thank you for visiting Avery’s Legacy. We are so happy you are here and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our story with you.

In March 2017 our daughter, Avery, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. The early days of grief left us feeling so alone, even though friends and family surrounded us.

Avery’s Legacy was created as a way to honour Avery’s memory and support others during times of loss. We understand the vast and complicated emotions associated with the death of a loved one. Our deep and personal knowledge lead us to create a gift that offers meaning and promotes a healthy grieving and mourning process.

Our personalized bereavement boxes offer support to those who are grieving any type of loss including: the loss of a grandparent, parent, spouse, sibling, child, pregnancy (miscarriage or stillbirth), relative or friend.

We also understand the unique needs of children in grief and offer specialized bereavement boxes designed to assist families and caregivers in supporting children and teens.

Mitch Albom says, “Death ends a life not a relationship”. Avery’s Legacy is one of the many ways in which we maintain our relationship with our daughter. Our vision is to spread love and kindness in her memory and this is why we are committed to donating our ‘Child Loss’ Bereavement Boxes to newly grieving parents who have recently lost a child aged neonate to 17 years old in the Calgary and Central Alberta area.

Your purchase, of our bereavement boxes and merchandise, helps us keep Avery’s memory alive and supports our vision. It takes a village to support a grieving heart. Thank you for Helping Us Help Others.

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